Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pipe Dreams

The final chapter of Pipe Dreams has posted on FSO! If you like mf modern werewolf stories, check it out!

40,100 words

Lina thought she escaped her father's mistakes, but they catch up to her just when she thinks she is really ready to move on with her life, a life that she wanted to include Kane Jacy. The attractive man is nothing like she expected, but can he breach the walls that she erected between herself and the world?


  1. I really hope that you continue on with Lina's and Kane's story! Or maybe even Maggie's...? Lol! ;)

  2. @Pat: Thanks back! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    @Anon: Well there is a lot more to tell; I just thought this story had come to a bit of an end. I have a few other projects I must finish first, but I plan to come back to these guys. Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh my goodness soo good! thanks so much for finishing this. lol I messaged you about this very story on Lit a few days ago. keep writing awesome stories!!

  4. Great story did you happen to write more.

    1. Hi Judith! Thank you so much for reading Pipe Dreams. Unfortunately, I haven't written any more in this storyline.


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