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Nope, that is not a typo. I've been working on The Experiment, but life is busy and I'll be out of town for a bit. I wanted to give you a little something to read in the mantime because I don't wanto to rush my chapter before it is ready. This prompt came from a word prompt, where you had to fit in so many different words into a flash piece. So . . . I hope you enjoy 'Speghetti'.


My daddy is a mechanic. He works on cars. Daddy Petey is Pearuhmedick. He works on people. I like it when we all make speghetti for dinner cuz they let me sit on a stool and stir the saws. "Very good Dylan. I like your report on your family. The picture you drew is very colorful! There are a few spelling mistakes to fix though, I've underlined the words. Why don't you look them up in your writing dictionary?" Miss Hanson handed back his report, and Dylan walked back over to his chair at his table group.

He got out his writing notebook and pulled out his dictionary to get started. He wanted his report to go on the fridge, and Daddy said only the best went on the fridge. At least once a week he managed to get something on there. Last week it was his maths, he'd only missed three problems!

Dylan bit down on his tongue as he erased the first word. He was pretty sure Daddy Petey's job started with a p so he looked there first. Sure enough, Paramedic, had been added to the page. He carefully copied the letters. He was working on the next one when Maxine Winters looked at his paper and then looked at him funny. Dylan tried to ignore her; she wasn't very nice. He fixed spaghetti and was moving on to cuz when she started talking.

"Hey, Dylan. How come your paper says you have two daddies? Where is your mommy? My mommy says all kids should have one daddy and one mommy and everything else is just weird." Her smug little face made him mad, and he didn't like the way she was looking at his picture. "And she says it's wrong. Really bad wrong like when you steal or lie and stuff."

"Well my mommy went to heaven and my daddy says that she sent Daddy Petey to make us happy. I don't care what your mommy says." Dylan glared at her. Maxine glared back and opened her mouth. Just then Miss Hanson told their table to get back to work. Dylan stuck his tongue out at Maxine when Miss Hanson couldn't see, and then started working on his paper again. He liked his family report, and he liked Daddy Petey!


"Daddy, Daddy! Look what the teacher gave me!" Dylan went running down the driveway, waving a paper in his hand.

"What do you have there?" Daddy Petey stood up and caught Dylan when he came bounding in the door. "Oof, you're heavy!" Dylan giggled when he acted like he was going to drop him.

"My report! I want to show Daddy too. Is he home?"

Peter put Dylan down but kept the young boy's hand when they started walking through the kitchen. "I think he's in the shower. We can surprise him."

Dylan giggled. "Okay."

They grabbed a cup of water and Dylan held the rolled up picture. Peter grabbed a handful of ice from the freezer and added it to the cup. He winked at Dylan.

"Let's go."

The pair crept up the stairs. Peter opened the bathroom door but the sounds were too quiet for Cole to hear them. He carefully slid the shower curtain open. Dylan watched eagerly from his spot in the doorway, barely holding in his giddy peals of laughter. Peter tossed the cup of ice water directly on the man's groin while his hair was soapy and he was unable to open his eyes.

"Arrrrrgh!" Cole danced in the cold water, stepping on an ice cube in the bottom of the bathtub. Peter swept Dylan up off his feet and deposited him on the bed as they laughed. The pair were still giggling when Cole came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel.

"That was mean," he complained.

"I was just trying to get you out faster," Peter said innocently, "Dylan has a picture to show you. Fridge quality I think.

Cole flopped down on the bed on the other side of Dylan, sandwiching him between them. "Okay son, what do you have to show your daddy?"

"I already showed Daddy Petey." Dylan looked up at Peter with a small smile. He understood small jokes now and Dylan liked to use them.

Cole growled, "Well now you need to show this daddy. I've been looking forward to this."

Dylan held out the picture up so they could see it, and then carefully read the words. He looked from one smiling face to the other. He really didn't care what Maxine said, nothing beat his family. He would always love Daddy and Daddy Petey, no matter what.

"Can we make spaghetti tonight?" he asked.

"Tonight's our anniversary dinner, remember? You're going over to Uncle Danny's house," said his daddy. He smiled really soft at Daddy Petey who was smiling back. Dylan pouted a little.

"How about we make spaghetti tomorrow night?" his Daddy Petey offered. Dylan thought about it for a minute.

"Okay!" he said happily as he snuggled between his daddies with a smile.

The End


This is a bit of a spoiler, but if you want to get to know how Dylan's daddies met please read my short story, The Difference a Year Makes.


  1. This is such a cute story! You are an amazing writer, I really admire your creativity! I can't wait for the next part of the Experiment!

    1. Thank you Lilly! This one was due to a prompt that came to me since the prompter misspelled spaghetti. I had some characters I wanted to revisit from an earlier short story and voila . . . Speghetti was born! I'm glad you liked it.


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