Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Reads Reviews!

Hi All! I have plans with my best friend, who happens to be one of my follwers-so hey, see you in a bit! Then of course this afternoon is the big game. So. . .since I can't guarantee any of The Experiment from me today, I thought I'd share some of the anthology stories I've enjoyed on GA for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy them too!

The Price of Love by Quonous 10: An unstoppable evil is threatening the world. Barh, the last Magi is on a quest to find Chenoth, a spirit of great power entrusted by the God's to protect the people. But Chenoth's aid comes at a price, a price Barh is not sure he can pay. (5,470 wd mm fantasy)

Repairman's Lust by Rush: Al is a mechanic a lonely man. Chad is a satellite repair guy still troubled by a past abusive relationship. When Al called to get his satellite fixed he never expected someone as beautiful as Chad to show up. Can Al fix Chad's broken heart? And can Chad repair more than just Al's satellite? (5,887 wd. mm modern)

Without You by Myk: Even the most difficult times are manageable with the help of someone you love, but without that person, what would you do? (12, 219 wd. mm modern)

Roving Dreams by Renee Stevens: Adrian Jackson was involved in a horrific car accident. Can he find his way back to his partner Randy or will he forever be lost in the recesses of his mind.  (2,562 wd. mm modern/paranormal)

The Demon King and the Faery Prince by Nephylim: The Faery Queen is itching for an excuse to go to war with the Demon Queen. When the Demon Queen gives her the perfect excuse the war is on. However, its outcome is not what either of them could have imagined. (8,313 ws. mm Fantasy)

With Open Arms by Cia: (Yeah, adding one of my own. This story really resonates with me) Fear and pain surround Wes. His journey is witnessed and shared by the one person who will never give up on him. He just has to take that first step.  (4,629 wd. mm modern)

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