Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something Different

GA had a writing prompt that challenged authors to do a haiku, and further, try a story via haiku. I'm not sure how much of a story this is, or how eloquent my poetry speaks since it isn't something I do very well. But prompts are meant to stretch your creative muscles, so I gave it a shot. Feel free to tell me what you think because I have no clue if my meaning comes across or not. Stories are so much easier to tell when I can spell it out for a reader, LOL! This doesn't have a name.

Her path decided
Journey of preservation
She hides inside us

Gaze at crystal eyes
Travel the opaque surface
Hiding the soul safe

She waits without hope
So sad waiting for our love
To once again appear

It is lonely there
Left with the path incomplete
Surface etched in pain

Blight spreads through neglect
Barren she stays until then
Tears all she has left


  1. I thought that it was beautiful. I don't know if I took away the same meaning that you were trying to get across, but that is the great thing about writing, you are free to feel differently. Hell, I made up a whole story in my mind just from reading this. You are truly gifted.

  2. Oh my. Alicia this is gorgeous. I love the sadness that comes through in your collection of haikus. My favorite is the last line: "Blight spreads through neglect..." Oh you are so talented. I have this whole image in my mind of the woman waiting in this poetry.

  3. Thank you both! Poetry really isn't my thing; I find it very hard to write. It is just easier to describe the story through plain words for me, lol. I am really glad you enjoyed it!


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