Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little Tease

I will have another part for The Experiment tonight, but for this morning I wanted to share a prompt I'm titling 'A Little Tease'. I hope you enjoy it ;)


 It is sinuous and tempting. That shy glance over a bare shoulder and that little roll of your hips are beyond my ability to resist. A chance moment becomes an opportunity for more.

I slide in, taking up the empty space around you. My hands float above your waist, heat radiating from your dewy skin. Your hair drags against the hollow of my throat as you roll your head to the side and back, your eyes closed and your teeth buried in your succulent bottom lip.

Your neck curves before me, an elegant arch of pale white skin that calls to me to taste and tongue the soft flesh. It tantalizes me unbearably.

I can't resist it.

The chill is driven from my hands by the heat you emanate. I run my now fiery palms up your curves and angles to bury them in the cool mass of your silken hair. They wrap in the sleek strands, tugging your head back that final inch until you're vulnerable to my caress, extended and balanced on the edge.

I pause and breathe you in. Your skin is perfumed with an exotic blend of spice and sweet. Electricity leaps between us as I close that miniscule gap keeping us so painfully apart. The flavor of you fills me, unique and more intoxicating than a thousand wines. Your moan vibrates against my lips as I suck and nibble at the feast laid bare before me.

Any distance between us disappears as you fall against me, your hips still rocking and swaying to a music only you can hear. Nothing has ever felt as good as every solid line of your body resting on mine.

Not the first time it happened, when you trusted your body to me so long ago.

Not last night when the clothes between us had fallen away and this moment was swept aside by a greater passion.

My nibbling at your neck ends at your ear, where I swirl my tongue around the delicate edge until you shudder.

"Hi honey, I'm home," I whisper with a tender smile.

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