Friday, February 3, 2012

Running Cia's Brain

So this was a prompt on GA about a small man/woman running your brain and what your day would be like from their perspective. I couldn't pick just one. So, enjoy seeing what See and Uh get up to each day! 


    “Hey, why is she still sleeping? The kids are up already. Get the pons, that’s part of your job.”

    “Sheesh, bossy much?” Uh grumbles as he walks over and kicks the pons to force their person awake. “There, happy now? She didn’t go to bed until late last night and her hypothalamus is going to be cranky.”  He slumped back into his chair and glared his partner.
 “She’d have gotten more sleep if you had just left her parietal lobe alone. Gods, you’re horny all the time, and it’s just not right.” See glared back and rolled her eyes in disgust.

    “Hey, you have your jobs, and I have mine.”

    “Whatever. Oh good, the kids are gone to school. Let’s get the cleaning done. Give me a hand with the cerebellum so she’ll get started.”

    “C’mon, can’t we just--”

    She cut him off, “No, we cannot just… Get to work.” The two of them were soon moving around tweaking parts of their human’s brain until she finished all the chores waiting for her.

    Uh looked around. “She’s hungry now; the hypothalamus is starting to shiver a bit. How about some bacon and eggs?”

    See raised her eyebrow at him. “How about no? Toast and fruit would be good though. Plus some tea.”

    Grumbling, Uh watched as she got their human to start making breakfast. “How come she always has to eat healthy?”

    “You know why. Now stop whining. It’s writing time and then she’ll have to play with the kids. She needs energy to work right. You are so careless.” See pointed at him. “Remember that time you pushed her thalamus so hard she started drinking and hallucinating? That was nearly a disaster!”

    “I liked it better when she was little and this was easier.” Uh was drooping, tired out by the time their human was ready to go to bed that night. “I have a juicy dream for her tonight though.”

    “Would you leave her parietal lobe alone!” See slapped his hands away from where Uh was gently stroking it.

    “Hey, if she has to dream she might as well get a bit of fun out it. I was just going to give her a little orgasm. She could use the sex scene in her story tomorrow.”

    See pushed him away and began rubbing their human’s occipital lobe. “I want her to dream about their first date, not when you made her tumble into bed with him the first time. She’s writing a romance, not porn! There, all set.”

    See stood back and smiled tiredly. She looped her arms around Uh’s waist and hugged him. They stumbled together to their resting place in the medulla oblongata to keep her rhythms steady during their rest. Snuggling together, they finally relaxed.

    “It was a good day,” See said.

    Uh pulled her closer. “You bossed me around all day.”
   “Yep, and you liked it. We work well together.” See sighed and kissed his neck. “Good night.”

Sometimes we just have to have a little fun. I like Uh a lot! More of The Experiment will be coming tomorrow. Don't forget to comment if you like these little story dribbles; I have more I can share.


  1. Cute! Now, I can't help but wonder if I have little people in my brain, controlling me, too. I picture them to be two young women that both look and sound and act like me. Essentially, they are me, only one is super sweet and the other is a little naughty. Well, a lot naughty. Okay, she is a total bad girl! Lol! Oh, my gosh, I really want to write about them now! Thanks for the inspiration!!! By the way, I am a big fan. :)

    1. I'm really glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun to write as well; I grinned the whole time. I always was a tomboy so I figured I had to have a guy and a girl myself. That way I could blame all my naughtier behaviors on him, lol.


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