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eBook Review: Light by Nathan Burgoine

LightLight by Nathan Burgoine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Light surprised me. I was expecting something a bit more intellectual, technical, I guess you might say. The cover was very 80s-esque, but the plot is very much within the current trend toward superhero fiction. The blurb really plays up the story's overall plot, and the style, so I wasn't disappointed, just a little surprised at the contrast between the cover and actual story.

I'm not going to go over the plot. It's covered really well in the blurb. The characters were great. I absolutely loved Kieran's snark when he was judging guys he's dating or 'forced to date' by his meddlesome best friend. The power element seemed to be well described and the author stuck to the 'rules' they'd come up with through the whole story.

So, the best friend is pretty much the cut from the same cloth gay man best friend type of character, but hey... I liked the coffee swilling woman anyway. I wasn't impressed or easily understood the element of the Miracle Woman, other than to explain the 'Hide' part that led to Kieran keeping his secrets hidden.

Sebastian was pretty cool and HOT! He seemed pretty real, and I liked his interactions with Kieran. I love, love, loved his dog. I had the big, dumb dog myself until last year, so I totally got that and the reaction to Kieran was freaking hilarious. 'Play!'

Okay, the bad guy and the bad guy behind the bad guy were completely and totally transparent. So, while I enjoyed the story... they felt way too two dimensional for me to really feel the tension after the first scene during the flag raising at the start of Pride week.

Plot... pretty solid. Ease of reading and dialogue/narration flow was excellent and made this a very easy read. The characters were well described, and I could easily 'see' each of them, which was good because there were enough in the story that it could have been confusing if they weren't so distinctly fleshed out.

Overall, not quite the story I was expecting, but very good nonetheless. Definite recommend if you like contemporary with a bit of 'extra' thrown in. The world was complex enough with some openings for follow ups, so it'll be interesting if the author comes back and writes more psi stories in this world.

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