Thursday, October 3, 2013

Surprise! Reader Reward Three! *Free eBook Prize*

12 PM Winner with the Toleral's hunting lodge in a tree: Elemental Elves. Congrats!!

Okay... our final question. Winner gets a free eBook, either Burden of Secrets now or Picked at the Peak which will be available next week! Make sure you share your choice of prize, in pdf, epub, or mobi format, and your email address in your comment. Come back at 6 PM to see who wins plus...

Well, come back to see!

Question three: What are the species of the aliens Dade has met so far? *spelling will not count against you, lol*

Comments are still invisible until the contest is over at 6 PM!


  1. It's not that hard, is it? C'mon... one hour left! I'll give you some clues... He's on an alien planet, and then there was that time he got kidnapped.

  2. Grrr.. just realised I commented through Firefox and not IE. Doesn't work with my version of Firefox.
    I think the aliens are:
    The Collectors/Ragonromak

  3. I know I'm too late but this is fun! Vesssiums and collectors. burden of secrets

  4. Grrr again. Contact info for prior comment w/ growl about firefox:
    I would love a copy of your new book! Back to making dinner now....

    The Collectors


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