Thursday, October 3, 2013

Surprise! Reader Reward Two! *Free eBook Prize*

9 AM Winner with yellow eyes: Avidreadr!! Congrats!

Was that fun? Are we ready for another question? You can win either a copy of Burden of Secrets or Picked at the Peak. Don't forget to tell me your answer, your choice of prize and format (pfd, epub or mobi), and your email in your comment!

Question 2: Where did Dade and Yaseke join?

 PS... I turned on the comment approval so the winner is a surprise. Hee hee!! Check back at 3 PM for the winner to this question!


  1. On a shuttlecraft during their escape.
    I'd love a copy of your new book!

  2. In a tree! (the Toleral's hunting lodge)
    elementalelves (at)
    Er - if I'm a ~WINNER~ Burden of Secrets please.

  3. The hunting lodge in the tree. burden of secrets. Pdf


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