Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop

Hmm... I was trying to think of a sexy scene to share for this blog hop. I got busy, and it's been a little while since I took part. This week's just in time to share a bit from up upcoming eBook, Picked at the Peak, which will be available for purchase tomorrow! Enjoy!

Snapping the towel off his shoulder, Lander uncovered the logo that rested on one impressively built pec. "Bar t-shirt. It’s the newest uniform for the staff. Besides, you only wish you looked this good."

Aislin felt his mouth go dry, and his hand slipped a little as he clutched at his slick glass. He'd noticed a long time ago how muscular Lander was. He'd even had a crush on him when they first met, but he'd never really thought about going after him once Lander started attending family functions.

I do so adore a man with muscles wearing a nice, tight t-shirt, lol! Poor Aislin, lusting after a close family friend. What's a single gay man to do when faced with that much eye candy though?

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