Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GA's Spring Anthology: Nature's Wrath

Coming soon!!! There will be a few more, including mine, which I'll update as the information comes through.

What started out as a normal Friday turned out to be the worst day of Kale's life. Outed at school, by his girlfriend of all people, a simple run in the woods turns into a life and death struggle against Mother Nature herself. Cold and alone, a mysterious stranger and an even more mysterious wolf are Kale's only hope for survival.



Mark's day starts with Sam's favorite song playing on his phone. Followed by storm warnings and a bad day at work he thinks the day can't get worse when he runs intoSam's truck on his way home. Mark knows he should have talked to his ex months ago and spontaneously follows him to do just that. It can't get worse. Right?



Robert, a man who recently turned forty, meets a much younger man in a dive bar and in an unusual way. Not one for romance, never been in love, but he is convinced that there is something different about David. Different enough to want to know him instead of taking him straight home to bed.


Nature can be merciless, so you must be ready to relent or prepared to pay the price.


Just a love story about two men that already live together, they just need to figure things out.


Gaia and Mother Nature are ill and command the gods and goddess to create Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods and the end of the world. What can the Gods do to stop this from happening?


Substance P
Cole Matthews

Dr. Jason Hampton is a man on a mission. He wants to cure, not merely treat post traumatic stress disorder. He is driven to this by the untimely death of his partner. Hampton is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to find this silver bullet.


As he watches his, now ex, boyfriend drive away, the weather starts to go wrong in Devon Smith's life. It rains every day, and out in the countryside, that much water has devastating effects. Dev tries to stay positive as weeks turn into months, and the rain continues to hammer down, and dreams about meeting someone who can fill his heart, and his world, with sunshine.


The Lake
Dolores Esteban

Rick and Frank enjoy an evening by the lake. The water, however, is not as calm and peaceful as it seems.


A gifted teenager meets his match on the banks of the Mississippi River.

The Storm Singer

When a miniscule planet has a colossal weather problem, the Storm Singer arrives at the 11th hour to save them... until they renege on their payment. A science fiction retelling of Grimm's "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" with a darkly modern twist on the fairy tale's ending.


Three brothers were raised listening to their grandmother's fairy stories. They never believed them, until a morning spent in a local forest shows them that not only were her stories true, but also that Nature has teeth. Will the boys survive their encounter with the fey of the forest?


Winter Storm

During an unusual winter, TJ heads to his family’s cabin for some peace and solitude. However, solitude is not to be as a bad winter storm strikes, stranding a stranger outside his family’s cabin. Will he let his walls down and let this man into his heart?


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