Friday, March 28, 2014

Reading Review: A Moment in Time by Stormy Glenn

A Moment in Time (Aberdeen Pack #5)A Moment in Time by Stormy Glenn
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Shameful editing! I expect better, far better! Not only was the line editing crap, so was the content editing. At one point both Grayson and Apollo are talking in the same paragraph. There are incorrect dialogue punctuation marks and some flat out missing. Grayson tells Brandon on the phone that he can get back to the forest shack in 30 minutes due to the first attack in the woods yet then it takes him a few hours to get there? Plus anyone with a spec of sense knows a forest on a mountain area means no cell towers... so how did Brandon call in the first place?

Then we have the Apollo topping scene. Disaster after disaster. First, Apollo never blindfolds Grayson, yet pushes a blindfold off at the end. He also calls him his sub right at that moment which was totally random and didn't fit the story which did deal with dominance but not D/s. We also get to read completely illogical and physically impossible actions of Apollo seeing Grayson's erection grow even though he was fucking him from behind, and then he 'turns his head' to sink his teeth into Grayson. It's pretty hard to bite sideways or see through a body.

And what the hell is up with purposefully pointing out that this shifter world doesn't involve destined/ I smell you as my mate... and have that be the exact thing that brings them together so they can blurt out they love each other during a few short weeks where they don't get to spend much time at all together? Methinks the author protests too much, cause hello insta-love! This got 2 stars only because the plot finally progressed beyond seemingly random attacks, and we got some damn explanations of the council's motives. Plus I liked the little scenes with the pups.

It's sad to say, but Stormy Glenn is going on my list of experienced authors who know better but are clearly more concerned about quantity over quality, which is a crying shame.

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