Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tease Me Thursday!

So here we are again... Tease Me Thursday! What do I have for you today? How about a moment from one of my free reads on GA? A Legend is the Key is one of my forays into fantasy, with a bit of a historical feel to the story. You'll find princes and priests, magic and mayhem... all in one!

His intention was to distract Ken, but the result was so much more. Ken's lips were hard against his so Nyle softened the kiss and began nibbling at his bottom  lip. One hand crept up, rubbing along Ken's jaw to feel the scratchy growth of his stubble and then sinking into his newly shorn hair. He licked at the seam between Ken's lips, tasting him for the first time. It was so much more intimate than Nyle had ever expected and heat raced through his body. His hips rocked forward. Ken's hands came up and clenched in his robe.

"Please, Ken," Nyle murmured against his lips. "Come back to me." He closed his eyes and kissed Ken again, hoping that it would work. Those hard lips softened and then Ken's hands were dragging him closer. Swaying into his hard body, Nyle moaned as his prince took over the kiss. He shuddered when a hot wet tongue probing at his mouth urged him to open to it. The feeling when he did was incredible.

Hot and wet, their tongues slid together. Nyle tentatively rubbed against Ken's tongue with his, feeling the rough slickness. He shook as if chilled and an ache set up in his balls as he rapidly hardened. His breathing was ragged and his heart raced; he'd never felt anything like it before. He wanted more, much more.

Ken gave it to him when he pressed forward, rubbing their hips together. Nyle moaned into his mouth and Ken ate the sound, greedily consuming him. Their hard lengths slid together through their robes. Even with the bulky fabric between them, Nyle was close, so close, to losing his essence.

He ripped himself away, leaving Ken standing there with his hands reaching for him.


He was so aroused, so ready to explode, that the sound of his name on Ken's lips was almost enough. "Can't," he panted. "Sorry."

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