Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reading Review Two! No Such Thing by A.M. Arthur

No Such ThingNo Such Thing by A.M. Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No Such Thing follows the story of Jaime and Alessandro as they meet when Ale comes back to his hometown to help his foster mother. They knew each other, in passing, as kids. But then Alessandro had problems and Jaime had to stay home due to a bad heart. Fortunately, Jaime's sister hires Ale to work at her shop.

There are so many threads in the story that weave together. The tales of foster kids--the lucky and unlucky. Kids get taken from their parents for a reason, for a lot of the time events spiral from there. It's a hard life for everyone involved. I liked that the A.M. Arthur didn't shy from showing the good and bad sides. The eBook didn't sugarcoat anything, but didn't paint all foster carers as villains, either. Like a few others who read this, I was a bit upset by lack of discussion about the reality of being gay, and straightening out the stereotype and bigotry, with the two foster kids still living with Ale.

The romance between Jaime and Ale faces some obstacles. People from their past and present are against their happiness. Small towns, small minds... thankfully that element isn't overdone. There are a few different elements woven together in this respect, but I don't want to spoil the author's plot twists. I will say that the sex, when they get to it, whew! Very hot.

Overall, solid writing, engaging characters and plot. I wasn't really surprised by the way things went, but I was entertained on the journey. Definitely worth the read!!

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