Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sneak Peak Snippet

This isn't to any story or world I've written for you guys yet... nope, this is brand new! Don't worry, it won't take away much from my writing time for Adverse Effects or Lost Inside. This is from my short story for Gay Author's spring anthology, themed: Nature's Wrath. It'll be coming out within the week so you'll get a chance to read more very soon, but I thought I might share a little of what has me feverishly working right now.

It's titled... but that might give away more than I want so I'm going to hold that in reserve too. Enjoy!

Sneak Peek--Coming Soon!

Two—prey receives a thirty minute head start.” Prey gets a head start? Oh hell no.

“I am not prey!” I pounded on the wall. “Somebody let me out. I didn’t sign up for this!”

Three—prey must remain inside the holo dome at all times.”

My hands were beginning to hurt. “Screw making him pay, Keon is going to die.”

Four—once prey has entered the dome the game cannot be ended until they are caught. This ends the rules. Enjoy the hunt.”

Green beams shot out of a grid in the ceiling of the dome and began to lower. “Now what?” I eyed the light, biting my lip. No one seemed to hear me, the holo wasn’t responding to my voice, and now there were green lights sliding down closer and closer to me.

I fought off the constriction in my muscles and sank into a crouch when they were just above my head. They didn’t stop. “Oh Jygp, oh Jygp,” I gasped as they touched my head. Tingles turned into chills as every hair on my body stood up. The lights swept down my body to the ground.

And my clothes disappeared.

Every last strip of cloth was gone. My shoes were gone.

Even my underwear had vanished, leaving me naked as the day I was born.

I yelped and clapped my hands over my crotch. “What the hell!” My mother would tan my bare ass if she heard me cursing.

Seven minutes until the dome opens.

“I did not pay for this.” If nothing else, that would prompt a response. Credits ruled all in the city. I waited, my hands glued to my crotch. Come on… why wasn’t anyone listening to me?

Seconds passed. Another minute. And another.

“Five minutes until the dome opens.”

This was happening. I began panting. I couldn’t panic. First thing—I needed clothes. I yanked at the jumpsuits, searching for my size. The smaller ones fell in a heap on the floor but I ignored them. My hands were shaking as I tried to pull it on when I finally found one that would fit. I had to calm down.

“Get it on.” The hood came last. The cover film came down over my face and ears, creating a soft barrier. The regulation system engaged, sending a tiny filament into each wrist. I had to hope removing my scent and the sound of my breathing would help me hide from whatever was going to hunt me.
TBC... Whatcha think?? Oh, and heads up! I am planning yet another sci-fi story to come this summer with the MM Romance group's 2014 Summer Readers event, Love's Landscapes. More about that in the coming months too!!


  1. It's not nice to tease, didn't your momma teach you that?? Make sure you tell us when we can read the rest of this.

    1. Oh, but... but... it feels so good! :P It'll be out late next week, but I don't have an exact day on GA's anthology release yet.

  2. I am not sure but it really got me interested to find out who that is and what the heck is happening!!! Good Luck Prey!!

    1. Yeah... lots and lots going on that isn't shown. He'll need luck though.

  3. No offense, all I can think is Hunger Games. Been there done that. Normally I love what you write, this doesn't do it for me at all.

    1. Yes, this section does have that vibe. I saw the same thing as I wrote it... but it's necessary to the story. I promise, no people trying to kill each other, no dictator using a barbaric game to keep his greedy clutches on power... no bows, no axes, no poisonous berries, or giant clocks that spin around. AND this is only one scene in the story, not the whole thing. I hope that you'll give it a chance, at least check out the first page or so. It starts out far different.

  4. I'm looking forward to it! But then I love everything that you write - it's like an addiction :) ~majjen00


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