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Visiting Author: JC Wallace with Curiosity Killed Shaney

Please join me in welcoming JC with Curiosity Killed Shaney!! Enjoy the post and excerpt... and enter Shaney's contest!!

Hi, everyone! I want to thank Cia for inviting me to the blog. Curiosity Killed Shaney is my first published novel and I am thrilled to share this story with all of you.


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Hey everyone, Hudson here. JC’s off actually writing another story. I can’t wait for that one. He wanted to finish the interview for Shaney and me but Shaney is currently MIA doing something (probably getting into some kind of trouble). JC asked me to stop by and post a blog for the tour. I decided to share some interesting paranormal and other some other facts about the Adirondack Mountains in NY where Shaney and I live. Our town is Tupper Lake and you can see it on the map below.




Interesting Paranormal and Other Facts about the Adirondack Mountains


·       Champ, the Lake Champlain monster, is a prehistoric creature such as a plesiosaur (same as the Loch Ness Monster) or a tanystropheus. Champ is a member of the elite group of creatures called cryptozoological animals, which include dragons, unicorns, Pegasus, Sasquatch (see below), Yeti, and of course, Champ's "cousin", the Loch Ness Monster. Cryptozoological animals are those whose existence on earth has never been proven or disproven.


·       Abolitionist John Brown’s farm in North Elba (now a NYS historic site) is said to be haunted by his son, Billy, who died from being struck by lightning while plowing.


·       Whitehall, NY, at the southern end of the Adirondacks, has been the site of numerous Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sightings dating back hundreds of years.


·       In the late 1800’s to mid-1900s, Saranac Lake was a world-renowned center for the treatment of tuberculosis, which at the time included fresh air and complete bed-rest. Cure cottages were erected for the sick. Several of these cottages remain and many are purported to be haunted by the sick who died there.


·       There are groups of ghost hunters in the Adirondacks called the Adirondack Ghost Hunters and the NY Shadow Chasers.


·       The cult slasher film, Sleepaway Camp, was filmed in Fort Edward, Glens Falls and Argyle.  The Hudson Falls police let actor Allen Breton use one of their actual police uniforms for the movie. When Allen pulled the gun of the holster during a scene, it was the actual police revolver, not a prop, and was loaded. Luckily, he wasn’t required shoot anyone at that moment.


·       The Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing is said to be the exclusive haunted home to several lost spirits, including a little ghost boy who walks about haunting the golf course. A ghostly couple can be seen walking through the dining room where upon the man flings the woman hard to the floor with a thud where she fades into the carpet. Another creepy ghost is the mysterious lady in white who enters many rooms and awakens sleepers by peering into their faces and blowing a cold chill on their eyelids.


·       Serial Killer Robert Garrow lived in Mineville, NY. In the early 70s, he murdered four people in July 1973. Two of the victim’s bodies were never recovered and were believed to have been dumped in a mineshaft near where Garrow lived.


·       In Dannemora, many ghosts haunt the house on Flagg Street. The image of a man committing suicide often appears in a bathroom mirror. He actually hung himself with an electrical cord in that bathroom. Also, a girl murdered by her father she can often be heard singing.


·       The most famous murder in the Adirondacks is said to be that of Grace Gillette. In 1906, her new husband drowned her in Moose Lake however, he’d claimed that she’d accidentally fallen from their canoe. After being found guilty, he was executed by electric chair.


·       At the now closed Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, the entrance to the Old Base still has two pillars that are original architecture. In the past, Sentries working this gate have reported a Revolutionary War era soldier marching back and forth between the pillars, standing guard.


·       In Tupper Lake, NY, Shaney Mills stumbled into a ritualistic circle and was imbued with an energy that allows him to control matter at the point of creation (read more of his story in Curiosity Killed Shaney!)


I hope you’ve enjoyed these Adirondack facts. Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow, the blog tour will visit the blog of MA Church! Hope to see you there!





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Blurb: Shaney's curiosity is always getting him into trouble, including stumbling into a ritualistic circle and being imbued with an energy that will eventually tear him apart. He soon finds out that Hudson, a man he cares for deeply, might be responsible for his misfortune. Add in the betrayal by his best friend Todd and the desire of a demented occultist named Silas to control the energy inside of him and there seems to be no way out. Can Shaney find a way to rid his body of the nefarious energy before he dies a horrible death?




The cabin was dark. Still, the uneasiness plaguing Shaney’s gut crept through his veins. Todd shifted restlessly beside him.

"Any chanting or pressure to run away?" Todd asked in a hushed voice.

Shaney peered out into the unnerving darkness. "No chanting. Running has crossed my mind, but that chicken shit is all on me.”

“Since when does anything remotely interesting scare you off?” Todd asked.

“Since yesterday,” Shaney replied and waved Todd to follow him to the stairs leading to the front door.

The dried, crusty remnants of mud crunched beneath Shaney’s sneakers as he crept up the stairs. Shaney froze on the last step. Shit. The front door was ajar again. Hudson must have locked it when they’d been there earlier, right? Why would he have left it open? Shaney’s apprehension kicked into a heart-pounding panic, but they’d come this far, they couldn’t run now. Using the end of his flashlight, Shaney warily pushed the door open.  He scanned the interior and his eyes widened as he stepped in cautiously.

“What the fuck?” he managed to get out.

Pushing in behind him, Todd let out a loud gasp, and then took a step back. “No.”

What little furniture there had been was piled into the corners. Complex symbols and shapes drawn in black covered the walls and the ceiling. Rendered on the old wood floor were more symbols and shapes in what looked like white chalk. 

“I’ve seen these before,” Todd whispered, gesturing to the cryptic graffiti covering every surface.

“And?” Shaney asked, waiting for the punch line.

 “And, fuck, this is bad.”

“Define ‘bad,’” Shaney croaked out.

“Like oh-shit-you-don’t-mess-with-anything-this-powerful bad.”  Todd sounded a bit awestruck.

Shaney continued to run the beam of the flashlight over the symbols, which looked like a cross between something occult, Egyptian, and tenth grade geometry class. The symbols ranged from small, about a foot wide, to massive, like the one on the floor that spanned at least eight feet. Taken as a whole, each symbol was a dizzying array of angles and intersecting lines. But looking closely, Shaney could discern repeating patterns such as triangles, squares, and circles. Other odd shapes and numbers rounded out the symbols. It was as if he’d jumped straight into an episode of Supernatural. Maybe last year’s attempted exorcism of Shaney’s alleged demon hadn’t been so far-fetched.

“How fucking long would it take draw something like this?” The angles were too precise, the lines too straight. Someone had taken painstaking care in executing these images.

“So not the part to be focusing on,” Todd said dryly.

“So what’s all of this for? Some kind of magic spell? Some occult shit? Exorcism? Voodoo?”  Shaney was trying for sarcasm, but with the hair standing up on his neck and tremors rippling his skin, he couldn’t pull it off. He stared at the massive circular symbol that consumed the floor and swore the lines were vibrating. He opened and closed his eyes to try and stop the visual disturbance.

“Yes and no to all of the above,” Todd stated matter-of-factly while pulling out his phone.

“What’re you doing?”

“Taking pictures.” The blinding white flash lit the room as Todd methodically documented the symbols without moving closer into the room.

“Change places with me,” Todd said, scooting past Shaney to capture the symbols on the wall behind him. “Whatever you do don’t step on any symbols,” Todd said just as Shaney was about to lay his shoe on one.

Shaney twisted mid-step to avoid the small S-shaped symbol beneath his foot, but his center of balance shifted when he knocked his shoulder against the open door. The momentum slammed the door shut and Shaney stumbled back into the room. Flailing his arms, he managed to remain upright.

Todd turned to Shaney. His face paled in the illumination from their flashlights. His eyes widened in what Shaney could only describe as unadulterated horror.

Shaney chuckled nervously. “Umm, Todd, I stepped on a symbol,” Shaney said, standing almost dead center of the largest one on the floor. No answer. When Shaney tried to move, his lower body wouldn’t respond. Oh, shit. “Todd, I stepped on a fucking symbol and I can’t move!” Panic flooded his system with adrenaline as he repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to move. That seemed to snap Todd out of his trance.

Todd glanced around the room, and Shaney hoped he was looking for a solution to his dilemma. Todd’s eyes stopped on the closed door. A partial symbol covering the door lined up with a symbol that was its mirror image on the wall adjacent to it. Closing the door had made the two halves a whole.

“Damn it!” Todd sprinted to the door, leaping over symbols on the floor. He grabbed the handle and yanked hard on the door, but it didn’t budge.

A low vibration beneath Shaney’s feet pulled his attention away from Todd’s struggle. He frowned. The vibrations reminded him of an approaching train on the railroad tracks—and his foot was caught in the proverbial rails.

“Todd?” Shaney swallowed hard as the vibrating intensified and filled his legs.

Todd stilled his attempts to open the door and turned back to Shaney.

“Todd, something’s happening. Get me off of here!” Shaney pleaded as all of the hairs on his body stood on end. A shot of tingling energy pulsed up through the soles of his cross trainers, and flashed through his entire body.


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About JC Wallace


I have been writing all of my life, however it was just this year that I ventured out to be published. In my day job, I am a behavior analyst. At night and on the weekends, I write about all things men. I believe there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, I love a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending.

I am owned by three kids, one grandchild and one on the way, two dogs and one cat. I live in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY



  1. Great interview as usual! Thanks JC and Cia!

  2. Awesome interview. Had not heard of some of those things.

  3. Regional curiosities are always so intriguing!


  4. I love the paranormal and I also love the area this takes place in. So, this book sounds like a great one. I was going to ask you how far you were from Lake George. I LOVE it up there and try to go every year. I've never stayed in the Sagamore, but I've driven by it and seen it on boat rides on the lake many times. It would be really cool to see a ghost! As long as they aren't harmful. The book sounds really interesting, so good luck with it!


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