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Wednesday Briefs: Lost Inside Chapter Fourteen

Today I took inspiration from this photo for my flash today. I think you might like this! ;)

Lost Inside Chapter 14

Benny kept muttering under his breath. He climbed into bed, though. Yuri’s smile morphed into a giant yawn. “I’m tired.”

“Shut off the light, and we’ll go to sleep. You have more tests tomorrow.”

Yuri paused. “With the guys from today?” He couldn’t remember their names, but he remembered the white coats. “It was a long day.”

“Yes, with Dr. Poinyard and Dr. Vancould. Bashta and Ellis will be there too.” Benny smooshed the pillow under his head. Yuri turned off the light.

He lay back down beside his mate.

“You cold?”

Yuri tilted his head up. “No.” Benny’s face was mostly lost in the dim neon light, but he could make out a little of his features.

“You’re shaking.”

“Are they going to stick me again?”  He still had bandaids on his arms. He didn’t like them, they pulled on his arm hair. Yuri flopped onto his back. “It does not feel like a pinch when they do that. I don’t like pinches either, though.”

“Maybe. Yuri…” Benny hesitated.


“You’re so different now.” Benny sounded sad.

“I know.” Yuri knew people thought he didn’t, but he did. He wasn’t stupid. “Is that a bad thing?” Maybe Benny didn’t want to be his mate anymore. But they couldn’t just stop. At least, he didn’t think so.

“We’ll never stop being mates,” Benny assured him. “You’d have never complained about shots before, but you would have hated it just as much I bet. I just… do you want your memories back?”

Yuri stared into the darkness. “They’re not all good.” He traced his finger over the bumpy ridges on his side.

“No, they’re not.” Benny rolled toward him. “But you’d remember us too.”

He knew Benny, but he didn’t remember when they first met. He didn’t remember mating him. Yuri twisted onto his stomach. He slid his hand up the slick sheets to Benny’s hand. It was resting open on the bed.

“I want that,” he whispered. Benny twined their fingers together. His claws pricked at the back of Yuri’s hand, but he didn’t care.


It wasn’t weird at all, sleeping in a strange place. Yuri slept hard. When he woke up he was wrapped around Benny, his cheek buried against the back of Benny’s neck and head. The stubble on his face rasped against the prickly hair on Benny’s head. He shivered at the scratchy sensation.

“I need to shave this morning.” Benny voice was a harsh rasp.

“Uh huh.” Yuri rubbed against Benny. “Me too. Will you help me?”

Benny froze. “With shaving?”

“Yeah. Szorpin usually helps me.” Yuri rolled on to his back. He glanced down. The sheets were tented from his erection. “I gotta get rid of this first.” The smell of his mate was all around him and Yuri was enjoying it, a lot, now that he wasn’t so tired.

“I can do this myself.” Szorpin told him so the first time it happened. But only with his door shut. Benny’s door wasn’t shut. He slid over to his side of the bed and then padded to the door.

“What are you doing?” Benny rolled onto his back.

“Shutting the door.”


“So I can stroke myself.” Yuri pushed his boxers off before he got back on the bed.

“Urghk.” Benny made a very strange sound. Yuri looked down at Benny’s sheet covered crotch. The bulge was growing.

“You can do it too. I mean, it’s your room.” They shared it, so that meant Benny’s room was his too, so he was okay.

“I… ah…” Benny’s made that strangled sound in his throat again. Yuri shrugged. He didn’t feel like waiting anymore.

He wrapped one hand around his dick and began to stroke it. “Ahh.” Yuri was so hard. It must be being with his mate. Sometimes he caught whiffs of sex smells on mates. It wasn’t going to take very long before he spurted.

Yuri turned his head to get a better smell from the pillow. His mate had a musky, spicy scent. As good as that was, Benny’s wide eyes staring at him, devouring him, was better.

“Ugh.” Yuri grunted. Benny’s chest rose and fell rapidly. Yuri reached down with his other hand and fondled his balls, rolling the smooth orbs in his sack.

“Oh shit.” Benny licked his lips.

Yuri could barely keep his eyes open to watch his mate watch him. He watched a flush rise up Benny’s chest and over his face through his slitted eyelids. He moved his hand faster, smoothing the glide with the slick fluid that dribbled out the tip every time he squeezed his sack. He’d never made so much before. His legs slid on the bed as he pushed up into his hand.

“Yeah,” Yuri hissed out the word, holding the note as he went rigid, white sticky globs of cum squirting out and landing on his stomach. He closed his eyes, listening to Benny’s groan as he tried to catch his breath.

“Yuri?” Benny’s voice was even deeper.

“Hmm?” He liked the after time. He felt so relaxed. “What?”

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah.” Yuri opened his eyes. “Why?”

“You just… I-I—”

“You what?” Yuri glanced down. He must have kicked the sheet off them. A dark patch stained the front of Benny’s underwear. “Oh, you had fun too.”

Benny made the sound again. He covered his eyes with his hands. “I feel like I just took advantage of you.”

“What? We’re mates. It’s okay.”

“But you’re not—”

Yuri sat up. “Don’t tell me what I’m not. I’m not a kid. I’m not stupid. I wouldn’t do that with someone who wasn’t my mate. But you are, so it’s okay. You shouldn’t worry so much.” Benny was ruining the after time. Yuri grunted, annoyed as the cum on his stomach slid down in slimy trails.

“I want to take a shower.”

“You go first. I’ll wait.” Benny looked at the clock. “We can pick up something to eat on the way to the clinic.”


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  1. Love Yuri. I really think Benny needs to sit down and be honest with Yuri about his feelings and fears. Yuri is obviously more capable than people have given him credit for. I still wonder who was watching him; I suspect it was someone from the old clan.

    1. There is some communication break down, certainly. It's so hard to deal with a loved one when assumptions are made. The watching, oh the watching... trust me, I didn't forget that. :)

  2. I agree, Benny has to chill out! How did he take advantage of him? By watching? He didn't even touch him! I think it is funny that the most honest and forward one is Yuri. It's refreshing to hear his thoughts and words. The funny thing is that it makes you realize that we all tend to make things a lot more complicated than they really are lol. His 'simple' way of looking at things would make life a lot less stressful. He made me laugh with 'he was ruining the after time.' lol
    I think one problem here is that he and Benny haven't talked. I think he would be forward enough to ask Benny questions if they have some down time while waiting between or during tests. I think Yuri will have to take the lead here, sadly. Benny is too afraid to hurt him or ask the wrong question and upset him and as a result, he isn't going to talk and start getting to know one another again. He's too busy handling him like he's glass. Yuri is going to have to get fed up and start saying how he feels and demanding what they need to do and speak about.
    I, too, wonder if the Hawks haven't found anything about th stalker.. Benny may be busy seeing his mate get his tests, but that someone is probably not losing sight of them. I would hate to see them caught off guard.
    Yuri needs Benny to be the open and honest one after a year of being 'handled' and treated like he's a child or simple or stupid. He needs to make his mate understand what he needs from him before things get very rough between them before they have a chance to be good. Can't wait for more!


    1. Always so thorough =D I love it. There's a lot going on in Benny's head. In many ways, he's just as messed up by the attack as Yuri, at least as far as his mind goes. He might not have the brain injury, but how he thinks and reacts to things has been severely affected. Yuri is definitely going to be a shock to his senses, even though he's been watching him for so long. As far as the watcher, well I haven't forgotten about him, at all.

  3. I love Yuri's honesty and simplicity. I hope that when he regains his memories he doesn't lose that. It's refreshing and I think it's good for Benny. :-)

    1. Yuri's mannerism is very much a part of his injury. Still, their treatments are just that, treatments. No miracle cures. I wouldn't switch the character on you guys. :)

  4. Poor Benny trying to be so careful and gentle with Yuri, and with so much temptation in front of him.

    1. He faces quite a conundrum in Yuri. Benny definitely isn't sure of how to deal with Yuri, lol. I'm pretty sure Yuri will set him 'straight' as it were.


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